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A Fun-filled "Swim Session" or maybe..... a Nature Walk or just out for a Garden Stroll

(all outdoor activities are provided weather permitting)

Tennis Ball PlayTime Session - A Great Exercise Period

Bokhara Fun Play Services & Activities:
Chewable Activities Frozen Peanut Butter Kong  $3 per fill & frozen kong (includes use of our kongs)
Frozen Peanut Butter Kong  $2 fill & frozen (owner's Kong)
Playtime Sessions  


Playtime Sessions 10-15 minute sessions
is a Sedate to Brisk active - Indoor for cats, indoors/outdoors for dogs.

PlayTime Session with your pet’s favorite Toy, T-Ball or Frisbee.  Dogs - Off-lead in our fenced or enclosed play areas, or Indoors for the smaller dogs. Felines - Indoors Only.  for Canine & Felines—$5 per session


Sweet Snuggle / Hugs-n-Cuddles 10-15 minute sessions
Great for the sedate, older pet, or feline.  Just a gentle time spent quietly with your pet with plenty of sweet hugs, conversation, and cuddles. for Canines & Felines—
$5 per session

Bedtime Tuck-In & Treats  A Tuck-In at bed check with a special sweet dreams treat, an all natural chicken or all beef treats, AND a Bedtime Story (Cat In The Hat) — A perfect way to end the day. $4 per evening 10 Minute Quality Time Session
Strolls & Nature Walks  

1/8 Mile Grassy Garden Strolls 10-15 minute sessions
Perfect for all pets, but especially good for the long-haired or the older pet looking for a more sedate activity session - a romp and roll on the lawns
.  for Canines  - $5 per session or double the Garden & Grassy Stroll for the 1/4 Mile Stroll.


1/4 Mile Nature Woods Walks  10-15 minute sessions
sedate to brisk activity —  the Nature Woods Walk goes out looking for wildlife and extra exercise while in our white pine forest.  Sniff out the rabbits, squirrels, turkeys, or just pee on the trees!   Not recommended for the long-haired pets because of sticks and tangles. For Canines $5 per session


1/2 Mile Nature Woods Hike 20-25 minute sessions.
Lots of time for a
long hike thru the woods, or extended strolling on the grassy lawns - your choice.  For Canines  - $10 per session



Full Mile - Active Stretch 45 active minutes of Extended brisk to sedate activity for the pet who normally spends plenty of time exercising at home with their owners.  The Full Mile Active Stretch includes a 1/2 mile Nature Woods Walk to sniff out the rabbits, squirrels, turkeys, or just pee on the trees! and then a 1/2 mile of on/off-lead roaming in fenced in mowed grassy areas with a quick stop at the lakeshore to wet their feet.    Price for Full Mile Active Stretch (without swim) is $25 per session. Not recommended for the long-haired pets because of sticks, pine pitch and tangles in the woods areas.

A special seasonal Swim Only session may be added to the Full Mile Active Stretch for just $5 more.



Swimming - Seasonal  (seasonal  & weather permitting) 
20-25 minute sessions with Lots of WET fun to be had with brisk to sedate activity levels for a summer cool off in the water!  Whether your pet likes to swim & play ball, or just wade and test the waters—a swimming session will give your pet plenty of extra exercise and a fun experience.
Beach towel are provided for swimming guests, and pet are dried following sessions. For Canines  - $10 per session  Best Value even if your pet doesn't like to swim for this activity includes the above 1/2 mile walk to the lake.

Potty Walks

Some times we have guests who will not eliminate on cement or on gravel and these pets need special walks for their needs.  Potty Walks are just what is indicated - a walk so your pet can eliminated other than on cement or gravel.  Price: $5 each

Health & Fitness Sessions  

Jogging Session on our Doggie Treadmill
10-15 minute sessions depending on the needs of the dog.
This activity is great for helping your pet to exercise in a more controlled manner anytime during the year, regardless of the weather.  With varying speeds and varying inclines, it’s perfect for everyone from the energetic puppy to the sedate senior citizen. A treadmill session provides for  walks and exercise in all weather conditions, conditions and tones the dog's muscles, and provides for a range of versatility in the Bokhara exercise programs. For Canines, $7.50 per session


Senior Limber & Stretch Treadmill
10 minutes of gentle walking or a slow session on our doggie treadmill.
Active muscle contraction and weight-bearing activities are an essential part of senior dog conditioning.  Therapeutic exercise on the treadmill help increase muscle mass and strength, improve balance and condition, encourage limb use and improve daily function. Designed for the older pet, our staff will work with your senior pet to help keep him or her limber to prevent muscle stiffness.  A Senior Stretch Session may include gentle walking or a slow supervised walk on our Doggie Treadmill for Canines - $7.50 per session

Day Care & Camps  

* Day Care / Day Board (For Day Visit Dogs)

A "No Frills" safe and secure place for your pet to stay for the day.  Includes a private indoor/outdoor accommodation, raised resting cot, and soft fleece bedding for that day. You may bring a snack or a meal for your pet while here for that day. Any of our fun activities can be added at the ala carte pricing - add-on a Garden Stroll, 1/4 Mile Nature Walk or PlayTime Session for just $5. 

Day Care / Day Board Price is $14.50 regardless of the size of your pet.  Day Board Hours Monday, Tuesday, Thursday & Friday 8am-5:30pm, Wednesday & Saturday 9am-3pm, and * Sunday 9:00am-6:00pm

Day & Swim Camp Sessions  


* Doggie Day Camp or Doggie Swim Camp (For Day Visit for Dogs)

Day Camp  is "All Day - Just For That Day Play"
for busy pet parent's with an active pet.  Please bring your pet's sack lunch & afternoon snack. Includes 1/2 Mile Long Swimming Session (or the Full Mile), 1/2 Mile Long Nature Hike and Playtime Session

Camp is Monday, Tuesday, Thursday & Friday 8am-5:30pm, Wednesday & Saturday 9am-3pm, and * Sunday 9:00am-6:00pm 

Price $25 per day 1st dog - 2nd dog with 1st is $18 for the day.

Includes all activities, towels, your provided lunch, and a large sized enclosure.  Note: If we are unable for any reason to provide all of the listed activities we will substitute with other activities as determined by our staff. For the more sedate pet the long session will be substituted for the more sedate sessions.  (Swimming is seasonal). 


* Board Camp or Swim Camp (For Overnight Boarding Dogs)

Our Swim Camp / Day Camp can be added as an additional activities for dogs who are already in for boarding stays for an additional fee of $18.00 1st dog per day, 2nd dog is also $18 per day. Towel, sack lunch & snacks are provided for boarding dogs in Swim / Day Camp. Note: If we are unable for any reason to provide all of the listed activities we will substitute with other activities as determined by our staff. For the more sedate pet the long session will be substituted for the more sedate sessions  (Swimming is seasonal)

* Sunday's: On Sunday for Day Camp, Swim Camp or Day Care/Day Board we do have split hours on this day.  9am-Noon and then again between 5pm-6pm for drop off and pick up.  Whether brisk fun, or more sedate and at your leisure, all Bokhara camper activities are tailored to your pet's health, energy levels and exercise needs.  We guarantee your pet will have a great vacation at Bokhara Pet Resort & Spa.  Call or email us if you have questions regarding our camper activities.  Please make your camper activity reservations in advance to help us accommodate your needs and our camp staffing requirements.


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