The Bokhara Pet Resort - "Kitty Cottage" - Offering CAGE FREE Cat Boarding
( Dogs are not allowed within our Kitty Cottage - Cat's Only!)

Long term guests travel from all over Michigan just to provide their cat with the largest accommodations during their extended stays.
We also board many long term cats over the winter months while their owners get away for a few months during the coldest times.
We do provide long term rates for feline boarding payable in advance and monthly


Bokhara Feline Guests are not boarded in cages in the same areas as dogs such as your veterinarian or other area kennels might use, but our purr..fect - purr...line guests are quartered in luxury suite runs that all contain play and climbing perches and toys, comfy sleeping beds with extra large litter boxes - all within a completely separate, very quaint and very unique antique late 1800's era private guest cottage. Our Kitty Cottage is strictly for the convenience of our feline guests with eight 4' x 8' all indoor kitty suites, and two deluxe rooms - Library Suite, and Play Room Suite.

Booking Our Library & Play Room Suites are booking on a First Come Basis  We do not charge more for these rooms. If the suite is available at the time of booking then you may request one of these suites at no additional charges. For those who have plans to be gone for an extended time it is essential you book early.  Please note that our standard suites are also extremely large so not to worry about your feline being short of space if the suites are already booked.

WE ONLY USE GREEN PRODUCTS - all natural kitty litters and premium natural pet foods.

Required Feline Vaccinations: 
The essential vaccinations for your pet are as follows:
Rabies, 1 or 3 year
FVRCP, 1 or 3 year
FeLV not required

All vaccination records must be from a licensed veterinarian. Additionally, we require that you maintain a year-round treatment for ticks and fleas in order to protect our resort from any contamination and thus protect all of the pets. We recommend topical solutions such as Advantage and Frontline. These products are available over the counter or from your veterinarian. We do not suggest collar prevention methods. Please talk to your veterinarian about your options and frequency of treatment. Pets with unwanted additional guests will be treated and fees charged to the owner.

Kittens and cats will love to spend time in our multi-level luxury suites! Your cat will always enjoy fun playtimes, nutritious meals, and quality care while staying with us.  Your cat has a vacation home away from home at Bokhara Pet Resort & Spa with the spacious condo and suite units. We will attend to your your cat's personal care, daily needs, housekeeping, nutritious meals, all in our very private feline accommodation area.  Please see  Our Rates & Requirements for the admission of feline guests. Also, review our Pet Diet policy.  And, don't forget to review our great Discount Programs which need to be mentioned when you make your reservation or at check-in.


Left is one of our 4'x8' single feline suites which shows how large even our smaller suites actually are.

There are three single wide (4'x8') feline accommodations, five double wide suites (8'x8',  one (10x5) triple Play Room Suite (floor to ceiling) and one Library suite (10x10). Our two largest cage free suites are available at no additional charge but are booked on a "first come" booking basis.


Standard Single & Double Wide Enclosures  We have a selection of 8' x 8' large suites which give plenty of "moving around" space for a single cat or for a pair of cats.  Please note that we do not charge more for our larger space accommodations as all of our suites are on a "first come" basis.  If you book early for a holiday period then most likely your cat or cats will be booked into one of our larger suites.   By far, our cat facility contains the largest and roomiest cat boarding accommodations in the entire State of Michigan





The Library Suite comes with all the conveniences of home including a TV, a comfy sleeping bed, three outside windows, and books which may be and are knocked over by our guests as they play and explore in this suite.





The Play Room Suite
Contains a tall climbing tower with plenty of places to explore and play.  A hide-in-me padded bench for additional fun and games. Both suites have sunny windows for a view of the gardens and the outdoors.

In the summertime we open our garage doors so our feline guest have the advantage of outside fresh air.




Feline Grooming & Bathing  After a stay that includes lots of fun and play, we’ll send your cat home looking their best and smelling fresh!
We offer a selection of grooming and bathing services through our grooming salon and can schedule an appointment for you that coincides with your pet’s departure.

For Those Special Feline Needs:  Please feel free to discuss any special requirements with us when you make your reservation - we will do everything in our power to make sure your pet is taken care of and provided for. The following is a sampling of special needs that can be accommodated:

  • Medications & Supplements
  • Special meal preparation
  • Extra feeding times
  • Food from home
  • Water from home
  • Treats from home
  • Special handling care
  • Daily brushing

Boarding reservations are appreciated and essential for holiday & peak
periods - for booking our larger suites please plan your plans in advance.

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