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Welcome to Borzoi New List, a discussion list for Borzoi enthusiasts. This is an un-moderated discussion list dedicated to just about any topic relating to Borzoi and Borzoi Clubs.  Breeders, exhibitors, obedience, coursing, agility, trainers, handlers and pet owners are welcome to participate.

Only the list owners of BORZOI NEWS can subscribe you to this list. This is because the list is large and we require each member to introduce him/herself. Please do not be intimidated by this process. Anyone who is interested in Borzoi is encouraged to subscribe to the list.

Description of the Borzoi News List:

Borzoi-News List created for members of Borzoi Clubs and Interested Borzoi Breeders/Exhibitors Across the USA, Canada and Europe to keep everyone posted and informed on the latest happenings in Borzoi.

Please submit the simple form for subscription approval.  In order to subscribe to Borzoi News List we ask that you send us a little information about yourself. You will then receive notice that you have been subscribed to the list and a welcome message with your profile will be posted to the list so our members will know that you have joined the group.


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Revised: November 18, 2012.