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Day Boarding Only - No extra frills or extra activities included. If your pet is coming in just for a day of day boarding the price is $14.50 for that day from our opening time to the closing times on that day.  Private indoor/outdoor accommodation, raised resting cot, fleece bedding, with snacks are included.  Meals from home will be fed if desired. Add-on any of our extra daily activities for a great time! Small World day boarding pets participate at no additional charges in our play groups.

Doggie Day or Doggie Swim Camp (For Non-Boarding Dogs Only) is an "All Day - Just For That Day of Play" for busy pet parents' with an active pet who are visiting only for the day. The difference between the two camps is a swim session is included in Swim Camp.  No swims during Doggie Day Camp.

Swim Camp  is "All Day - Just For That Day Play" for busy pet parent's with an active pet.  Please bring your pet's sack lunch & afternoon snack. Includes Long Swimming Session (or the Full Mile), 1/2 Mile Nature Hike and Off-Lead Playtime Session

Note: If we are unable for any reason to provide all of the listed activities we will substitute with other activities as determined by our staff. (Swimming is seasonal).  For the more sedate pet the long session will be substituted for the more sedate sessions. Camp is Monday, Tuesday, Thursday & Friday 8am-5:30pm, Wednesday & Saturday 9am-3pm, and * Sunday 9:00am-6:00pm 

Price $25 per day.  2nd dog with 1st is $18 for the day. 
Includes all activities, towels, your provided lunch, and a large-sized enclosure for resting.  

A fun day of play for busy pet parent's with active pets.  If your pet will have lunch please bring a sack lunch and an afternoon snack or a full meal if you desire. 

Morning Schedule:  A 1/2 Mile Grassy On-Lead Walk with a Swim Session (or the Full Mile Stretch if not swimming weather).  For the more sedate campers a 2 1/4 Mile Garden Stroll and then 2 Hugs & Cuddles Sessions. Lunch is served and then a rest period. 

Afternoon Schedule: After a scheduled nap time, the afternoon will start out with a 1/2 Mile Nature Hike through our woodlands looking for squirrels, turkeys & rabbits.  Or, for the more sedate pet - a Hugs & Cuddle Session & 1/8 Mile Garden Stroll.  A rest time and then all pets will have a one-on-one Playtime Session with T-ball, Frisbee or just fun play with a member of our TLC staff.

Late Afternoon Schedule: Then comes a well needed rest and snack time This would be a good time for a refreshing spa session with a nice smelling bath & nail trim prior to going home.

Note: During the fall, winter & early spring months when it may be to cold for swimming, we add extra time to our walks or playtime sessions in substitution for the swim sessions. If we are unable for any reason to provide all of the listed activities we will substitute with other activities as determined by our staff.  For the more sedate pet the longer sessions will be substituted for the more sedate sessions

DOGGIE BOARD CAMP OR DOGGIE BOARD SWIM CAMP - For guests who are here for overnight stays.

Doggie Board Camp includes all of the activities offered to Non-Boarding Pets in for Day or Swim Camp, but at the reduced price of $18 per dog for the Bokhara overnight guest, additional dogs are also $18per day.

What Does Swim Camp or Day Camp offer your Dog?

Off-leash play in our fenced areas....
Lots of exercise....
Burning off energy (for a calmer, mellower dog)....
Development of canine and human relationships over time....
Maturity from long-term repeated visits.....
Mind stimulation.....
Safe and healthy environment......
Manners around other dogs and humans.....
All outdoor activities are provided weather permitting....

Summer Doggie Swim Camp is not only for the dogs, but the TLC Staff really enjoy the swim sessions.
What a really fun job!!!


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